Data Recovery & Digital Forensics

We offer Expert Data Recovery Services to individuals and businesses throughout the UK and Europe. We understand that there is a choice of specialist Data Recovery providers, but our experience and high success rate makes us the best choice for the recovery of your lost files.

Data Recovery

With so many options out there, so why choose us? Well we think that we offer the best all-round service at an incredibly competitive price, and we also offer:


No Recovery-No Fee

We are so confident that we can recover your lost data, so much so that we can offer a no recovery no charge service where we do not charge you for our time should we not be able to successfully recover your data.


High Success Rates

Our skills and expertise lead to excellent success rates in all forms of recovering data. We have experts across many areas including recovering data from your Mobile Phones, Hard Drives, SSD, Flash Memory and RAID Arrays, often in cases where other companies have failed.


See your files before you pay

We can give you an overview of all of your recovered files and folders from your failed storage device as proof of success before we ask you to pay for the service.


Support for all modern digital media

From failed SD cards to hard drives, smashed phones and large storage arrays, Lost Memories, we can retrieve your lost data from all kinds of storage media. Get in touch with us to discuss your particular data loss situation.


Excellent Customer Service

From your initial enquiry, assessment to a free quotation, you can expect superb support, advice and help from our dedicated and professional team.

Cybercrime Investigation

Cybercrime is a relatively new and growing area for all kinds of investigations. Our experts in Cybercrime Investigation can aid with criminal investigation in several ways by extracting computer-based evidence.

Data Collection

Data collection is the procedure of collecting, measuring and analysing data. We can help with extracting useful information from various tools and devices and we put that data into a format of your choice.

Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis

Data recovery is a process in which data is recovered from a faulty digital media such as a hard drive, SSD, memory stick, camera, or any computer hardware onto which digital data is stored.

How It Works

To understand how digital forensics works, the process can be broken down into the following 5 steps:



Establish the scope of the investigation and what goals and objectives need to be met.



Appropriate steps and actions are taken to ensure as much digital evidence as possible is preserved externally. 



The data and digital artifacts collected throughout the investigation are analysed and pieced together using industry leading software and methodologies.



Evidence is collected and recorded as it pertains to the investigation as set out within the clients’ requirements. 



The presentation of findings and discoveries are provided to the stakeholders in an factual official report. 

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