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UK’s Leading Digital Forensics Provider

eDicsover is a professional digital investigation agency that provides expert services in the area of computer forensics, mobile device forensics, hi-tech investigations, electronic discovery and data recovery to law firms and businesses.

Our digital forensics personnel are recognised as leading specialists within the industry. Strict adherence to the guidelines and thorough digital forensics protocols ensures comprehensive reporting, often concluding with expert evidence presented in court. In other words, when you bring a case to our team, we know how to handle it the right way. 

Digital Forensics

Recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices

Data Acquisition

Aquire and recover data from any storage device.


Technical suport & consultancy on cloud & security.

How It Works

To understand how digital forensics works, the process can be broken down into the following 5 steps:



Establish the scope of the investigation and what goals and objectives need to be met.



Appropriate steps and actions are taken to ensure as much digital evidence as possible is preserved externally. 



The data and digital artifacts collected throughout the investigation are analysed and pieced together using industry leading software and methodologies.



Evidence is collected and recorded as it pertains to the investigation as set out within the clients’ requirements. 



The presentation of findings and discoveries are provided to the stakeholders in an factual official report. 

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